If this is so good why are you NOT selling it?

That's an easy one – We sell the results, not the software. We are keeping our code away from being decompiled by pirates.

Is this a trading robot or Expert Advisor software?

Yes, this is an automated trading system. The signals are sent via trade copier directly to your account. You are in control of the % risk you are willing to take.

I am skeptical about risking my money on this. How do I know it will work?

First of all, you are at no risk. You have a full 60 days to get your money back. I do not want an unhappy client.

How much money do I need to get started trading?

On a live account, we encourage risking 2-5% per trade. You must never use money you can’t afford to lose and start small.

Does this system use MetaTrader4?

Yes, I have chosen the MT4 as it is free and very popular for currency trading.

How can I start using your Breakout Edge Trade Copier signals?

As soon as your payment is received you will be given access to download the Breakout Edge Trade Copier EA . You’ll be sent a license key – simply start the EA copier trade terminal and leave the rest to us.

I noticed that there was no signal today or yesterday – why was that?

Our strategy trades market breakouts on multi-time frame. Sometimes the situation in the market makes it safer to wait out and not trade for a period of time. We have set the EA to execute high probability trades.

I have a trading account. Do you offer a managed accounts service?

Yes that is possible. Please send us an email to info@breakoutedge.com.

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